National Association of Women in Construction

“Sarika gave a very energizing and informative presentation to our National Association of Women in Construction Midwest Region conference as well as at our chapter meeting. You could tell she really took the time to tailor her presentations to our industry. Her interactive format spurred great thought-provoking discussion long after the conference and meeting were both over! Sarika is passionate about diversity, inclusion and engagement and that is obvious by the level of expertise and enthusiasm she brings to every presentation. I highly recommend having Sarika speak at your next conference as she is knowledgeable, refreshing and engaging!”

Darby Winger, President, Chapter 160 Midwest Region

The Greater La Crosse Area Diversity Council

“Sarika is a very engaging speaker, with much knowledge about Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. The Greater La Crosse area, businesses and organizations really enjoyed her energy and incredible ability in bringing the audience together, and processing a true change in culture, towards a more inclusive community. We would have loved having extra time to learn more from her expertise.”

Arlette Rodriguez – Miller, Executive Director, The Greater La Crosse Area Diversity Council

Kirkwood Community College

“I had the privilege of participating in a workshop called Diversity & Inclusion facilitated by Sarika Bhakta. This was a professional development opportunity offered by the college where I work. Sarika captured the rooms attention immediately through a heart-wrenching real-life story, and then proceeded to weave that story throughout the day. She opened our eyes to seeing diversity not just in the expected qualifiers i.e. ethnicity, religion, income, etc. Sarika taught the class to truly open your eyes and hearts to appreciate the many differences in each of us. She brought excitement to the idea of inclusion and everything we could gain by embracing each other’s ideas, perspectives and experiences. Sarika teaches with passion. Sarika has a gift for listening and helping others find the answers. Sarika is a leader by nature, and she has the desire and skills to lead all of us to a greater level of understanding, inclusion, trust and respect.”

Jody Donaldson, Scholarship & Alumni Officer, Kirkwood Community College

Frontier Co-op

“Sarika did a great job of ensuring all the details and moving parts to facilitating a training were in order to ensure the training ran as smoothly as possible. She also is a great presenter and can structure her training to fit the needs of the audience!”

Cassandra Colin, Human Resources Training Coordinator

Conference Keynote: Attendee

“I heard you speak at the Greater La Crosse Area Diversity Council’s Annual Conference and was just really blown away by your passion, your clear message, and your practical framework for improving diversity and inclusion within organizations. I just tagged you in a post to a recent blog article I wrote, which you inspired.”

Caitlin Wilson, Director of Corporate Communications, Marine Credit Union