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Solutions for Your Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Engagement (DEIE) Journey

Let us help you strategically leverage Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Engagement (DEIE) to enhance your workplace culture, regional optics, workforce attraction/retention, and tap into new global markets!

DEIE Services that Drive Results

  • Executive/Board/Shareholder Alignment Workshops
  • DEIE Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
  • D&I Cultural Assessments (Individual Employee Reports & Organizational Reports)
  • Global Leadership DEI Credentials: Certified Diversity Executive® & Certified Diversity Professional®
  • Asian American & Pacific Islander Career Coaching & Leadership Development
  • DEIE Strategic Planning/Offsite Retreats
  • Team Building & Engagement Retreats
  • Education, Training & Development Solutions
  • Talent Attraction, Sourcing & Recruitment Services
  • Keynote Speaking, Workshops & Panels
  • Business Consulting Services
  • Community/Regional Dialogue & Engagement

5 Keys for Successful EDI&E Journey

  1. Define diversity, equity, inclusion, & engagement – one that stakeholders connect and resonate with
  2. Secure commitment from leadership AND middle managers vs. leadership alone (due to “Frozen Middle”)
  3. Be proactive vs. reactive – conduct a D&I Cultural Assessment to inform strategies
  4. Have measurable strategic plan w/outcomes that is reviewed regularly vs. counting activities/people
  5. Manage expectations, as this is based on relationship building: ongoing journey vs. overnight quick fixes


is what we have.

(this is the difference)

racial/ethnic, gender, perspectives, leadership styles, etc.


is what we have access to.

(this is the process)

fair and just opportunities systematically → Equal Outcomes


is what we do.

(this is the action)

inviting to the table, letting voices be heard, involving in the process


is what we feel.

(this is the heart)

feeling valued, making a difference, sense of belonging

Executive/Management DEIE Coaching & Leadership Development

  • I want to use my power, privilege, purpose and platform for a purpose, but how can I genuinely do this without making it feel like it’s a covered act?
  • My company wants to implement diversity and inclusion initiatives, but as a manager I have lots of concerns about chasing buzz words and frankly don’t believe it will work.
  • My competitors are embarking on DEIE initiatives, but why should I?
  • I know we need to diversify our leadership team, but it’s challenging to find qualified internal candidates.

These are some authentic reflections executives and managers are having as they contemplate DEIE strategies in the workplace. Their role and commitment has significant impact on employee engagement, workplace culture and the ultimate success to drive positive strategic changes with DEIE.

Our Executive/Management DEIE Coaching services are designed to equip leaders and managers with the tools and strategies they need to foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Our coaching services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization, and we work closely with our clients to understand their goals, challenges, and opportunities.

We will work with your executives and managers to assess your current DEIE practices and identify areas for improvement. We’ll help your leaders develop a deeper understanding of the impact of bias and discrimination, and provide them with the skills and strategies they need to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace culture.

Our coaching sessions are conducted one-on-one or in small groups, and are designed to be interactive and engaging. We use a variety of coaching techniques to ensure our clients are fully engaged in the coaching process:

  • assessments and feedback
  • goal setting and action planning
  • accountability and support
  • self-reflection/journaling
  • active listening and questioning
  • skill building and development 
  • role-playing and simulations
  • mindfulness and stress management
  • real-world problem-solving exercises
  • success celebration and recognition
  • just in time coaching for when the need arises

At Nikeya Diversity Consulting, we understand that creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace requires a commitment to ongoing learning and growth. That’s why our coaching services are designed to be long-term partnerships, where we work with our clients over an extended period to ensure sustained progress and measurable results.

Asian American Pacific Islander Career Coaching & Leadership Development

  • I’m perceived as a “Model Minority” causing cultural biases to impact my career progression. I need to gain tools to empower myself to debunk this myth while advocating for myself.
  • I am struggling with authentically embracing my core values while aligning them with my traditional cultural norms.
  • How can I develop a strong diverse network of advocates to elevate myself and advance my professional aspirations?
  • I’m only known to be a Worker Bee, but how can I demonstrate my potential to be the Queen Bee?

From a racial/ethnic perspective in the United States, the Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) population in the United States is the fastest growing group projected to be the largest immigrant group by 2055 as well as the fastest consumer group, both domestically and globally. Yet, they are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions as well as one of the most understudied, underreported and overlooked groups to date.

Due to globalization, technology and demographic changes our workplace and marketplace have diversified significantly creating the urgency to cultivate more AAPI leadership to successfully compete in a global economy with growing influential Asian markets.

Breaking through the Bamboo Ceiling requires both sides to chip away at this in order for significant gains to be made with more AAPIs in leadership roles. From the top side, prevailing Western leadership stereotypes and biases can negatively stall an AAPI’s career. From the bottom side, An AAPI’s educational journey, cultural values and upbringing could be the foundation of their preexisting behaviors and expectations. We provide expert knowledge via career coaching and development to accelerate an AAPI’s leadership career to effectively impact change and transform mindset.

DEIE Strategic Planning/Offsite Retreats

In today’s highly competitive global business environment, we understand that DEIE are critical factors in building a successful organization. Our DEIE strategic planning services are designed to help your organization navigate the challenges of this journey and create a roadmap for success.

Our strategic planning services range from planning and facilitating offsite strategic planning retreats to helping you develop a DEIE Strategic Plan. We have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who work with you to ensure that your DEIE Strategic Plan is manageable, measurable, and comprehensive. We help you develop a roadmap that is integrated with your organization’s overall strategic plan.

At the core of our DEIE strategic planning process is fostering enterprise-wide engagement. We believe that a cross-functional and multi-disciplinary team is critical to creating a plan that works for everyone in your organization. We work closely with your team to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and that the plan is designed to meet the needs of the entire organization.

Our multi-step process ensures that your DEIE Strategic Plan is comprehensive and covers all the necessary aspects of the journey. We start with a clear definition of objectives, followed by assessments, measurements, development of programs/initiatives, and other critical steps. We believe that a well-defined plan is essential to creating a successful DEIE journey.

We’ll help your organization create a DEIE Strategic Plan that is not only effective but also sustainable. We understand that this journey is ongoing and that unexpected turns and twists are part of the process. We work with you to ensure that your plan is adaptable to changing circumstances and can help you achieve your goals in the long run.

Our goal is to ensure your DEIE Strategic Plan:

  • Is data driven, manageable and measurable
  • Is integrated with your organization’s overall strategic plan
  • Involves a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team to focus on fostering enterprise-wide engagement
  • Consists of a multi-step process with clearly defined objectives, assessments, measurements, development of programs/initiatives, etc.

Community/Regional Dialogue & Engagement

Quote: "Sarika is a leader by nature, and she has the desire and skills to lead all of us to a greater level of understanding, inclusion, trust and respect." Quoted by Jody Donaldson, Scholarship & Alumni Officer, Kirkwood Community College

What’s your community, region or state’s culture? 
A) Melting Pot → Homogeneous
B) Layered Salad  → Siloed
C) Tossed Salad → Integrated

On one side of the spectrum you could have a very homogeneous region lacking diversity which impedes attraction/retention of diverse workforce, businesses and residents impacting development and growth. On the other side of the spectrum, you may have all the diversity living in a big metro area, but diverse community groups are too siloed due to lack of interaction and engagement. All it takes is ONE incident to pit one racial/ethnic neighborhood group against another. ONE political decision to pit one religious group against another.

With increased diversity are we seeing more group polarization occurring? Enhancing interaction between groups increases awareness, empathy and cultural competency. Ultimately decreasing biases and crimes creating a safe, fun and vibrant quality of life for your region.

Solutions Offered:

  • Facilitate community dialogue/engagement to foster coalition building
  • Serve as subject matter expert on EDI&E community/economic development initiatives
  • Host Ambassador Workshops for business, community and regional leaders to create advocates and champions

Education, Training & Development Solutions

As a trusted partner in DEIE, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to educate, empower, and engage your organization. Our solutions range from professional development workshops, interactive training sessions, and educational seminars, all tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

Whether you’re a budding startup, a non-profit or an established global corporation, we understand that no two organizations are alike. That’s why our approach is experiential, personalized and adaptive, allowing us to address the specific challenges and opportunities that arise in different workplace contexts.

As a reputable DEIE firm, we bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to your DEIE initiatives. We are committed to facilitating open conversations, challenging biases, and promoting systemic change within your organization.

Participants will acquire skills via multi-prong learning components ranging from exercises, group and video-based dialogues to interactive lectures.

Education, Training & Development Solutions Offered:

  • DEIE 101
  • Inclusive Global Leadership DEI Credentials
  • Hiring Through a DEIE Lens
  • Cultural Competency
  • Effective Cultural Communications – Beyond Words
  • Bridging Generational Intelligence
  • Anti-Harassment Workplace Culture: Harassment, Active Bystander & Civility
  • Race, Power & Privilege
  • Inspiring Women is Empowering Women
  • Lifting the Veil on the Asian Immigrant Experience in the Workplace
  • Managing Your Mind Consciously: The Impact of Unconscious Bias, Micro-inequities & Micro-aggressions
  • Empower Hours (Lunch-n-Learns): Range of customized topics

What’s Your Workplace & Community Culture Like?

Melting Pot Culture

Dominant culture prevails leading to assimilation to occur creating a very homogenous environment where groupthink is highly valued.

Layered Salad Culture

Diversity exists in the workplace and big metro areas where people and community groups maintain their unique identity (racial, ethnic, religious, etc.), but group polarization occurs leading to siloed teams/groups.

Tossed Salad Culture

Diversity of people, thoughts, perspectives, experiences, etc. are valued creating inclusive and engaging environments leading to integrated teams and community groups. Integration increases awareness, tolerance and cultural competency while decreasing biases and crimes.

Our solutions can help your talent gain/enhance interpersonal skills as it pertains to DEIE. Statistics illustrate, people typically don’t leave companies, they leave bad managers who contribute to a negative workplace culture. On the same token, people look to a safe diverse quality of life and whether or not they feel included and engaged in one’s community as a strong motivational driver to stay or move on.

Business Case for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement

ROI – it is imperative that your Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Engagement plan is integrated with your strategic business plans, financial goals and master development plans that are measurable in order to yield optimal and sustainable growth. Let us be your partner today with strategic planning and implementation. By consistently including and engaging your diverse talent within an equitable environment/culture, it empowers them to take calculated risks driving creativity, innovation, growth and sustainable results.™

Due to globalization, technology, changing demographics and population trends, it is essential to ensure a safe, welcoming, vibrant, culturally enriched workplace and region/state. An area robust with professional opportunities and growth will drive attraction and retention efforts of skilled talent/diverse groups, increase taxpayer base, and create opportunities to competitively leverage new markets.

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