Who We Are

Our Approach

At Nikeya Diversity Consulting our goal is to strategically move the dial on equity, diversity, inclusion and engagement initiatives via a holistic integrated approach. Some industries focus solely on equity, some focus on diversity, some focus on inclusion and very few focus on engagement. The key is to ensure all four initiatives are integrated throughout your organization, institution, enterprise, community/region and state which will deliver long-term sustainable ROI and outcomes for the workplace, region and state.

By consistently including and engaging your diverse talent within an equitable environment/culture, it empowers them to take calculated risks driving creativity, innovation, growth and sustainable results.™

Workplace Outcomes:

  • fosters dynamic, diverse, open and positive workplace cultures
  • enhances talent attraction/retention strategies; decreases attrition rates and turnover costs
  • empowers talent to drive creativity, invention and innovation
  • increases ROI: profit, growth/expansion, market penetration, customer satisfaction
  • creates high performance teams utilizing strengths of diverse backgrounds, leadership/management styles, cultures, perspectives, skills, experiences, etc.
  • increases team morale and productivity
  • increases brand, public relations and corporate/organizational image
  • reduces litigation costs

Community/Regional/State Outcomes:

  • creates a diverse, safe and welcoming place enhancing overall quality of life
  • aid in the attraction and retention efforts of diverse populations to assist with workforce talent issues
  • increases community/economic development aiding in attraction of diverse industries
  • increases tax base
  • fosters sustainable population growth
  • increases brand, public relations and image impacting position of rankings in various categories they are measured in
  • reduces litigation costs

Our Story

“Why are you switching to Diversity?” This was one of the questions that many asked Sarika Bhakta when she decided to pursue a new venture in her professional journey by forming Nikeya Diversity Consulting LLC, an Iowa-based firm.

“Take care of your people AND your people will take care of you.” This is Sarika’s leadership, facilitation, management and philanthropic style as she incorporates this philosophy at every turn when collaborating with diverse teams and community ambassadors to enhance the workplace culture and/or the region’s quality of life. After all, human capital – your talent, your community members– are your biggest non-owned asset.

It is essential for community/economic development entities, business partners and the regional/state groups to collaborate and integrate comprehensive strategic Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement initiatives that go beyond primary dimensions of diversity. Due to globalization, technology, changing demographics and population trends, it is essential to ensure a safe, welcoming, vibrant, culturally enriched workplace and region/state robust with professional opportunities and growth in order to attract and retain diverse groups, taxpayers and highly skilled talent.

Meet the Talent

Sarika Bhakta, CDE


Inspiring diverse leaders to deliver innovative results.

A Certified Diversity Executive, visionary leader and entrepreneur, Bhakta was born in Gujarat, India and raised in the American Midwest. Adjusting to the American culture was extremely challenging for Bhakta inspiring her life’s mission of helping people identify their authentic self to be successful change agents and leaders in today’s ever-changing global economy. She is a multi-faceted and multicultural executive who has over 20 years of experience empowering diverse talent and population groups to maximize their leadership potential while increasing their cultural competency and global perspective.

Prior to launching her consulting firm, Bhakta worked in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors across the US, with several entities who had significant international presence. She applied her expertise in leadership management, strategic planning, talent attraction/management, resource acquisition, business development, program design/delivery, community/economic development, event planning and parking management.

She is a sought-after consultant, speaker, trainer and community engager due to her high energy, interactive and inspiring style. In each presentation she brings the diversity pendulum back into balance in a positive, refreshing and authentic perspective affirming everyone is diverse. Bhakta transforms organizational cultures enterprise-wide by utilizing Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement business solutions driving innovation and sustainable outcomes.

Bhakta is also a co-author of “Power Up, Super Women”, an anthology book on women’s empowerment. She is also the co-host of Diversity Straight Up, a new podcast that will be launched in fall of 2019. Bhakta is a proud recipient of Corridor Business Journal’s “Forty Under 40” award.

Next Steps…

If Nikeya Diversity Consulting LLC sounds like the partner you’ve been looking for to develop or exponentially enhance your strategic Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement initiatives, contact us today!