Global Diversity Certification: Inclusive Leadership

Invest In Your Executive Team/DEI Committee/ERG Leaders: DEIE Competencies for 21st Century Workforce & Marketplace

Leaders who achieve global diversity credentials are in the best position to inspire change while demonstrating inclusive excellence with stakeholders to proactively drive sustainable outcomes. Nikeya Diversity Consulting offers the #1 globally recognized research-based curriculum that challenges conventional diversity, equity, inclusion, and engagement (DEIE) work and reinforces the need to develop competencies to confidently execute upon strategies. Our curriculum is ideal for executives mastering inclusive leadership to drive change from the top, managers responsible for engaging diverse stakeholders, and professionals executing day-to-day DEIE initiatives.

Teams of executives, managers, and professionals are embarking on the credentialing journey together to strengthen the success, sustainability, and ROI of their DEIE strategies being infused into the organization’s cultural DNA.

Our goal is to arm more leaders, globally, with critical competencies necessary to empower diverse stakeholders in today’s 21st century. We are an official licensing partner of the Society for Diversity and its world-renowned diversity certification program through its Institute for Diversity Certification. By developing inclusive global leadership skills, individuals feel more competent to leverage diversity as an asset driving engagement, innovation and cultural transformation. This benefits leaders to authentically engage with shareholders, board, colleagues, clients, donors, volunteers, students, parents, communities, etc. to collectively make an impact

Both the Certified Diversity Professional (CDP®) and Certified Diversity Executive (CDE®) provide assurances to the public, employers, colleagues, and clients that the certification holder has the knowledge, competency, and skills to thrive in the next generation of DEIE work as leaders.

Globally, the CDE® and CDP® curriculum has elevated the work of thousands of inclusive leaders in every capacity to drive DEIE in all 50 U.S. states and 30+ countries. The CDP® and CDE® certification are world-renowned credentials and recognized by the Society of Human Resource Management.

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NDC has a strong reputation for helping clients be leaders in their industry by positioning them as value differentiators in the marketplace. We provided CDE credentials to the president and their entire senior executive teams at Georgia Southern University and the Medical University of South Carolina. These two organizations are the only ones in the United States and globally across all industries to have achieved this elite designation. It would be an honor to partner with your organization and have you join this premier group leading change from the top in a unique, visible, and impactful way.

In today’s global economy, the workplace and marketplace are facing complex issues including changing demographics, gender pay gap, equity in hiring and promotions, declining populations, untapped talent among underrepresented groups, and various social movements. Leaders need DEIE competencies to navigate through these issues impacting the workforce and the marketplace and convert them into opportunities.

Additionally, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Environmental Social Governance (ESG), organizations are making DEIE a priority to effectively manage these important commitments. They value balancing purpose with profit. They value balancing people, planet, and profit. The business and human case of DEIE reflects a clear competitive advantage for those companies who identify this strategy as a “must-have” versus a “nice-have” business imperative.

Fostering equitable, inclusive, and engaging workplace cultures enables employees to bring their authentic selves to work, unleashing their full potential to drive innovation. Invest in your team’s future and collectively join thousands of successful global leaders and professionals leveraging their credentials to impact change! Take advantage of  hosting global leadership CDP® and CDE® diversity credentials for your entire executive teams, DEI Councils, and/or ERG leaders, as those organizations who have teams collectively embarking on the credentialing journey together are able to create significantly higher sustainable outcomes around their DEI initiatives.

Get your team their credentials today either as Certified Diversity Professionals (CDP)® and/or Certified Diversity Executives (CDE)®! Once they complete the comprehensive inclusive leadership development program, they will gain access to the Learning Management System to:

  • View and share professional portfolio online
  • Monitor their continuing education credits and renewal date
  • Connect and collaborate with a global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion community
  • Access industry-specific resources, and more!