CDP® vs. CDE®

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Isn’t Certification Like Every Other Certificate?

Certification is different from a “certificate” program. In a certificate program, individuals affirm that they have acquired a certain level of knowledge, usually by taking a class with a training provider or an educational institution. Prior knowledge and experience are not required, nor is it necessary to continue professional development activities in that particular subject.

Certification, on the other hand, represents a declaration of a particular individual’s professional competence through knowledge and experience. And, it requires an ongoing commitment to professional development and mastery of a particular field through recertification.

Typically, certified individuals are conferred with credentials that attest to the individual’s expertise in a particular field.

What’s the Difference?

Check out the CDP® and CDE® comparison. Both credentials:

  • Are industry-recognized and indicate inclusive excellence
  • Offer flexibility, cost savings, and competency-based education
  • Have a wide range of people in positions such as President, Chief Diversity Officer, Vice President, Provost, Director, Manager, Coordinator, Attorney, Human Resources, Trainer, Consultant, and other titles in the cohort
  • Enjoy collaborating in the Learning Management System, at conferences, and on other social media platforms
  • Allow you to facilitate online CDP® or CDE® classes upon achieving your designation

Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)®

  • Excel in day-to-day Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work
  • Expand the concept of diversity beyond political correctness, black/white relations, gender, etc.
  • Demonstrate competence in diversity planning and cultural climate assessments
  • Transform the use of resource groups and diversity councils
  • Differentiate activities from measurable outcomes to drive sustainable impact


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Certified Diversity Executive (CDE)®

  • Learn how to identify and remove institutional barriers to inclusion and cultural competence
  • Connect demographic shifts to talent acquisition, suppliers, board members, and new market opportunities
  • Understand how to go beyond buzz words in order to drive true inclusion, innovation, agility, and disruption
  • Employ global best practices for Diversity & Inclusion leadership, strategy formulation, and data analysis


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Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)® and Certified Diversity Executive (CDE)® are Registered Trademarks of the Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC)®, used under license.