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Change Needs to Start Here


of the time, companies choose unqualified managers


of U.S. workers are NOT engaged at work (85% globally)


managers are “too busy” to implement diversity initiatives

We don’t chase industry buzz words. We bring fresh perspective and approach.

Our Premise

At Nikeya Diversity Consulting LLC, our premise lies on four critical strategic components to any successful sustainable diversity initiatives you design, implement and/or enhance for your workplace, community, region or state.

Diversity initiatives alone will NOT create sustainable results. It is equally essential to have equity, inclusion and engagement initiatives as part of your formal comprehensive strategic plan.

Equity + Diversity + Inclusion + Engagement = Innovative Results

Your Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement(“EDI&E”) plan must be tied to the financial strategic plan and integrated into your core business activities. This is also true for community/economic development plans to gain effective outcomes in enhancing diverse quality of life. This is imperative for attracting and retaining highly diverse skilled talent and new businesses.

Your human capital is your best competitive advantage and resource. Let Nikeya Diversity Consulting help you leverage it. This can be challenging, especially in this day and age when employee tenure with a company is much different than what it used to be due to generational workforce changes and economic impacts. Our EDI&E solutions can help you create a positive, engaging and empowering workplace and community culture giving you the distinct necessary advantage.

To remain competitive in today’s global workforce and marketplace, it is imperative to attract, retain and empower diverse talent who will in turn attract and value diverse clients.

Making Collective Impact with Clients

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