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Change Needs to Start Here


of employees feel employers care about their personal wellbeing (impacts burnout & mental health).


of U.S. workers are NOT engaged at work (85% globally)


managers are “too busy” to implement diversity initiatives

We don’t chase industry buzz words. We bring inclusive strength-based perspective.

Our Philosophy & Approach

Nikeya Diversity Consulting LLC is a cutting-edge consultancy firm specializing in fostering inclusive and diverse workplace cultures. We believe that diversity is not just a buzzword, but a powerful tool for driving business success. Our unique approach combines research-backed strategies with hands-on implementation to ensure real, measurable results for our clients. We have a proven track record that sets us apart as we deliver measurable outcomes and a strong return on investment.

We understand that diversity, equity, inclusion, and engagement (DEIE) is more than just about compliance, it’s about embedding it into your organization’s DNA. Transforming a culture where all stakeholders feel seen, heard, and valued which empowers them to bring their full selves to achieve strategic goals. Our comprehensive services, ranging from diversity audits, leadership development, global diversity credentials to diversity training and coaching, help companies build a strong foundation where employees personal well being is at the forefront. When employees are engaged, the impact on mental health is positive as they have a sense of belonging, which minimizes burnout while increasing productivity and moral leading to drive innovation.


Diversity + Equity + Inclusion + Engagement = Innovative Results

At our company, we believe that a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and engaged workplace is not only the right thing to do, yet it’s also good for business.

Our firm provides strength-based inclusive strategic solutions aligning clients’ values, vision, and mission to proactively leverage human capital (diversity) as an asset with equity, inclusion, and engagement initiatives to drive innovation in today’s global economy. Our focus is empowering stakeholders, across all levels of the organization, to authentically take ownership in delivering sustainable outcomes to transform cultures. Our customized data-based approach has comprehensive integrated solutions to advance your DEIE efforts ranging from D&I cultural assessments, executive alignment, global leadership diversity credentials, coaching, strategic planning, to training and development.

Your human capital is your best competitive advantage and resource. Let Nikeya Diversity Consulting help you leverage it. This can be challenging, especially in this day and age when employee tenure with a company is much different than what it used to be due to generational workforce changes and economic impacts. Our DEIE solutions can help you create a positive, engaging and empowering workplace and community culture giving you the distinct necessary advantage.

To remain competitive in today’s global workforce and marketplace, it is imperative to attract, retain and empower diverse talent who will in turn attract and value diverse clients.

Making Collective Impact with Clients

Let’s Globally Empower People!

Let us be your premier partner in globally empowering people and teams with our comprehensive sustainable strategic Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Engagement solutions. From executive alignments, D&I assessments, global leadership DEI credentials, strategic planning to consulting services for your business and/or community. We are just a click away. Get an inside look today!